What we do

Asia Impact scouts, invests and provides long-term support and guidance to Impact driven business

We identify companies in their early stage which are well positioned to leverage on our target macro-drivers and deliver financial, social and environmental Impact within an agreed timeline.

We establish and nurture a long-term strategic partnership with their leadership and stakeholders.

We actively pursue a strategic, financial and governance role supporting the investee companies till the accomplishment of the agreed mission.

We strive to generate “Alpha Impact” in any business we focus on. We see the tangible economic added value that social and environmental true impact can generate, and we strongly believe that a great “Impact” company will generate a great financial “Alpha” as well.

Global Reach

with Local Market Expertise

Asia, especially India, is seen as the growth epicenter for the next 20 years, as it combines local intellectual capital, foreign financial resources, democracy, and multilateralism. This creates an innovation hub for Impact ventures addressing social and environmental challenges.

India's unique context of numerous social and environmental stress cases positions it as a place where these issues need to be addressed proactively, potentially making it a leader in Impact innovation. Our investments in Asia aim to generate Impact solutions that can be applied globally, and we actively lead knowledge transfer when suitable opportunities arise.