Who we are

Over 15 years of Impact Investing in Asia

Asia Impact world encompasses various entities, with a primary focus on investments fostering positive social and environmental impact in India and Southeast Asia.

Our Luxembourg-based holding, Asia Impact SA, stands as the flagship entity within the group, serving as the General Partner of the investment funds. With over 15 years of experience, it undertakes the responsibility of overseeing operations and actively pursuing the success of the funds.

The two main investment vehicles include a private equity fund (RAIF SICAF fund) and a public equity fund (UCITS fund), both regulated and facilitated by professionals such as regulators and investment managers who are integral members of a significant European network.

The Board of Directors at Asia Impact SA, along with global promoters of Asia Impact, comprises a distinguished group of individuals leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience to guide the fund's strategic decisions.

The Investment Committee, comprised of renowned experts in the field, plays a pivotal role in evaluating potential investment opportunities and driving the fund's growth.

“Driving fast growth”

Collectively, with over 15 years of experience, all these entities form a team of professionals collaborating to deliver robust performance and generate impactful returns for the investors in the funds.

The Team